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About Minow

Minow is a young French brand for babies and children founded in 2017 by the fashion designer Alice Maurel.

MINOW, pronounced MINO, was born from a play on words between the French mino (t) which designates the small child in familiar language and minnow, the  English word (literal translation of “vairons “, a small fish ) in French the word used for two different colored eyes – which is the case for the first child of Alice.

MINOW is a family story and its logo represents the profile of Alice’s 2 children.

MINOW offers a collection of clothing and accessories for children from 3 months to 8 years old, printed, colorful, full of poetry and joy.

Our prints and embroideries are hand-drawn by Alice before being printed and embroidered on the fabric by artisans in Portugal and France.

Our clothes are natural like cotton and linen and our clothes are comfortable and child-friendly.

Our clothes are carefully made in Portugal, with the intention that they accompany the child through the seasons.

We refine the details, and dedicate a passion to the colour and importance of the gesture, the hand drawing a line, painting, cutting and cutting…

MINOW also imagines and designs a line of recycled paper stationery, made in France, to inscribe its inspirations, memories, preserve an emotion, tell stories, create…